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Episode 360 P.E.A.R.L.

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11th Apr 2014 | 2 notes


Born in 1976 in 1990 he began a passion for Techno,Dub Techno,Minimal,Electro,Deep his style was created by various artists such as Pink Floyd,Kraftwerk,Jeff Mills,etc. Big fan of vinyl the vinyl is part of his nature as a DJ lived in different cities of Italy and Switzerland,France! In 2001 it’s time to take his style as a producer begins to compose his music with machines groovebox from Roland and Korg. In 2007 he moved to his native Sardinia,trying to find his own style as novation begin the first productions in digital format its first production in 2011 is on CD is his first vinyl in limited release. Journey Universe EP comes out in 2012 with the remix of Hironori Takahashi for the label Mono Records. In 2012 comes up with Parallel Clouds EP with a remix by Jeroen Search is produced by the label Cannibald of Leo Anibaldi techno pioneer made Italy. In 2013 comes up with Elliptic EP with a remix by David Hausdorf is produced by the label Etichetta Nera. In 2014 released on limited vinyl Sorting II Etichetta Nera with remixes of Dez,Quail,Gez Varley aka G-Man (former LFO) Always in 2014 Roberto Figus deals with two remixes by G-Man. Comes out in 2014 Clouds II EP digital format with 3 original tracks + remixes by David Hausdorf and Stardice for the label Evasion Room Records. Roberto Figus collaborates with several labels looking to extend his style ……
01 Roberto Bosco - I Just Cant Breathe - Figure SPC
02 Roberto Bosco - Charming Noise - Figure SPC
03 Mekas - Rote Flora V1 - Cirque Du Minimaliste
04 Heron - Ive (Markus Suckut Remix) Flash Records
05 Lewis Fautzi - Binary - Soma Records
06 Roberto Figus - Sorting II - Etichetta Nera
07 Truncate - Bipolar - 50 Weapons
08 Mono.Xid - Jackbox (Consoless Remix) Heaven To Hell Records
09 Kike Pravda / Oscar Mulero - Duality - Senoid Records
10 Fran Hartnett - Diagnostic (Sleeparchive remix) Plector Records
11 Roberto Figus - Sorting (Jeroen Search Remix) Cannibald Records
12 Roberto Figus - Sorting II (G-Man Remix) Etichetta Nera

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8th Apr 2014 | 2 notes

Tomohiko Sagae for the second Release of BTE Records! An EP techno-oriented, with industrial influences of great strength and energy. A release of high-impact, quality and thickness, and that gives a nod to the dancefloor. Two remixes and two original tracks that embody the spirit that underground BTE wants to convey. The ep includes two powerful remixes by Victor Martinez and Chemie who complete the journey.
BTE - music before everything!

Artist(s): Tomohiko Sagae
Title: Postgamum Depression
Label: BTER02 | BTE Records

A1 | Postgamum Depression
A2 | Continuos Pain
B1 | Postgamum Depression (Victor Martinez Remix)
B2 | Postgamum Depression (Chemie Ls Remix)

Release Date: 15.05.2014 
Formats: Vinyl, Digital

Available on


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8th Apr 2014
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8th Apr 2014

uploaded a track to SoundCloud

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4th Apr 2014

Episode 358 TIM WOLFF

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3rd Apr 2014
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31st Mar 2014 | 3 notes
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28th Mar 2014

Episode 357 PAPOL

Diego Paulino Gonzalez aka Papol starts his way on electronic music at the end of the 90s throwing illegal parties in Madrid suburbs as a member of ‘RDT’, one of the most important collectives in the city.
At these parties, he started to show his love for underground sounds but always being careful of having an intense connection with te crowd. Labels like Basic Channel, Studio1, Mosaic, Perlon, were big influences for him back then.
In 2005, starts a new era for him as a promoter working with his friend Kasper for several clubs in Madrid sharing the same musical philosophy and the same concept for the dancefloor.
At the end of that year starts to develop a musical project to satisfy the need of sharing his musical vision to the people called ‘Esperanza Records’. People like Kiko Barba, Troy Pierce, Dario Zenker, Jorge Savoretti, Ryan Crosson and Franco Cinelli joined the project and collaborated to make a solid label project with a continuous and steady development.
After a little while, 11:00am was born. A project with a similar concept of Esperanza but a little more oriented to after party music.
Mid 2006, he released his first reference with Kasper on Igloo, one of the most prestigious netlabels around. After that he released multiple collaborations for different labels like Ilian Tape, Igloo, Lessizmore.
In 2008, he releases his awaited solo debut on vinyl having the honour to share a split EP with Brothers’ Vibe on his own label Esperanza, which lead to him play around even more and more in the most prestigious places around the globe.
He already played in festivals and clubs like Klubbers(Madrid), South American Conference ( Buenos Aires), Fuse (Bruselas), Goa (Madrid), Watergate (Berlin), Harry Klein (Munich), Gazgolder Galery (Moscu) and more to come.

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27th Mar 2014
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25th Mar 2014
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22nd Mar 2014 | 2 notes
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14th Mar 2014

Episode 356 NX1

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7th Mar 2014


Philippe is a techno DJ and producer from Brussels, Belgium, now based in Chamonix, France after spending 15 years in London. 
He runs two vinyl labels : Knotweed Records & Decision Making Theory. 
The following artists have released on his labels: Myk Derill, Gonzalo MD, Opuswerk, Myles Sergé, Terrence Dixon, Session Restore and Lee Holman. His tracks are regularly played in clubs around the world.

Recent releases: 
Eartoground 009 (It Came from Out of Space) 
Decision Making Theory 004 (Various Artists) 
One Off 01 (Various Artists) 
Knotweed Records 012 (Stars)

Web Links: 
Knotweed Records: 
Decision Making Theory: 
Philippe Petit:

Podcast Tracklist: 
Lee Holman - Psychological Terrorist (One Off 01) 
Philippe Petit – Variation (Knotweed 012) 
NX1 – GR1 (Grey Report 03) 
Gonzalo MD – Modulat (Ressort Imprint 003) 
Mary Velo – Anarchist Critique of the Origins (Sonntag Morgen 035) 
Aubrey – Depth (One Off 01) 
Markus Suckut – Mask (SCKT 003) 
Yan Cook – Nylon (Ann Aimee 4x4) 
Myk Derill – You Are (RetroMetro 024) 
Myles Sergé – Live From Saturn (One Off 01) 
Session Restore – Observer (Decision Making Theory 004) 
Philippe Petit – Suspension (One Off 01) 
Z.I.P.P.O. - Symetrica Therapy (figures spc R) 
Philippe Petit – Stars (Knotweed 012) 
Philippe Petit – Meteorite (EartoGround 009)

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28th Feb 2014


Espen Lauritzen (Krill Music, LDNwht, Traut Muzik) 
Born in Norway and raised in South America, Espen is one of driving forces behind Krill Music. 
Being always strongly influenced by music, in mid-2000 he became a regular DJ at Cocoliche Buenos Aires. There is where he met his first heavyweight artists from the Techno international and Argentinian scene. 
Currently he is based in Norway, after living most of his life in Buenos Aires, where he runs Krill Music and works on his own music productions, this year he released his first 12” in the London based label LDNwht together with Charlton and Bleaching Agent.

Gynoid Audio 
+plattform - Caress (Espen Lauritzen Rework) - 2013 
Espen Lauritzen - F/T/S - LDNwht 001 - 2013

Upcoming Releases 2014 
Espen Lauritzen - Coarcion - Traut Muzik 015 - Music From The Basement Part III 
Espen Lauritzen - 1724 - Orioni Records

Krill Music:

Krill Music was born in the heart on Buenos Aires and it certainly shows: its releases, even if they may come from artists from around the globe, reflect the default sounds and true spirit of the city. They take you on a quest through and for more dark, raw, deep techno whose enveloping sound mentally teleports you to a gloomy underground basement located in some corner of the enigmatic and hectic metropolis. 
Mysterious as the city itself, Krill always succeeds in selecting releases who leave an imprint in the minds of those greedy for cracked beats, acid flow, high bpm’s, deep drums; proving that techno is more alive than ever.


Untiled - Blue Hour
Untitled - J.C.
Reef II - Blue Hour
Recto (Tadeo Remix) - Alpha Code & Future 16 
RL1 (Jonas Kopp Interplanetary Remix) - NX1 
Repeat Myself (Rodhad Remix) - Radio Slave
Prapators - Philippe Petit
RL1 (Tadeo Remix) - NX1 
Future Modular - Planetary Assault Systems
Front - Blue Hour
3x3 - VSK 
Revolt (I/Y remix) - Hector Oaks 
Ellie (Mattias Fridell Remix) - Alexander D’niel 
RL1 (Original track) - NX1 
Outer Space Division - Random Audio
One Target (Remix) - Mike Storm 
Western Ways (Oscar Mulero Remix Digital 1) - Developer
If they don’t realise - Charlton
Scared (Unreleased) - Hard Division
Mask - Markus Suckut 
Sour (Unreleased) - +plattform
Sothis (Unreleased) - Luis Ruiz
Cornelia (Sleeparchive Remix) - Conrad Van Orton
ACT 86 (Original Mix) - Lucindo
FTS - Espen Lauritzen
Vimanas - Luis Ruiz
Enki (Unreleased) - Farceb
Kij - Yuuki Sakai
The Four Kind - Mental Resonace
Mö5 - Möd3rn
Random Dissonance - Kuba Sojka

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